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High resolution 3D structures by cryo-electron microscopy

Analytical Services

The caesar electron microscopy facility (EMA) runs several state of the art electron microscopes for studying the ultrastructure of biological samples as well as em-analysis a wide range of materials.

In addition to our own research we provide our electron microscopy service also for external customers. We offer help to select an adequate analytical method and assist interpreting the data. More complex projects can be undertaken in collaboration with the facility. We also offer trainings to enable experienced users operating the instruments independently. 

For further information feel free to contact: 
Dr. Stephan Irsen 
Tel. 0228 9656 264 / 267

Registered users can book our instruments using our booking tool (password required)

In the following, we give you an overview of Below, find a overview of our services and equipment:


Sample preparation for electron microscopy

  • Fixation: Sample preparation for cryo- (high-pressure freezing, plunge freezing) or chemical fixation, including freeze substitution.
  • Sectioning: Ultra-thin, semi-thin, serial sections, cryo-sections (CEMOVIS), FIB-SEM sectioning.
  • Contrasting: Positive contrasting (pre- or post-embedding) and negative staining.
  • Immuno-labelling. 


  • 2D data acquisition in transmission electron microscopy (TEM and STEM), cryoTEM or SEM (also cryo-SEM).
  • Electron tomography (3D imaging).
  • Automated data collection for single particle analysis.
  • Serial block-face scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM, FIB tomography).

Analytical electron microscopy

  • EDX (Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy) : SEM and TEM.
  • EELS (Electron energy loss spectroscopy): TEM and STEM.
  • AES (Auger electron spectroscopy): SEM.

Data processing

In addition to data collection, EMA provides data storage and image-processing support (registration, 3D reconstruction, image segmentation).


Transmission electron microscopes (TEM)



200 kV screening TEM.

Titan Krios Cryo-TEM

Titan Krios Cryo-TEM

Our Flagship, the FEI Titan Krios, for cryo-electron tomography and single particle analysis



200 kV room temperature and cryo-TEM.

Scanning electron microscopes (SEM)

Focused Ion Beam Microscope

Focused Ion Beam Microscope


For sample preparation we use the following equipment:

For data processing and structure interpretation we work with:

EMA Computing Cluster